Celebrating 32 Years


In 1987 our founder was renovating homes in an unstable real estate market. The idea was to renovate and sell quickly. If it took longer than 78 days to sell he would lose $42.35 per day. With an inventory of 20 homes, that came to almost $26,000 per month.

Selling slow cost me $49,102.53* month. (adjusted for 2016)

Finding The Right Professionals

He understood that if you dealt with the right agents there was bound to be a difference. Leon suspected that there is predictability in the housing market. He went to work with a passion. First he tracked the performance of agents. Not just how many homes they sold but everything about agents’ historical performance on a per area basis. With this detailed information he now was able to pick the right professionals who knew how to market homes, and bring the buyers.

To my surprise they were not always the top agents!

The Success of REality

Next he used available data to develop algorithms, which predicted short-term market trends. He used frequency distribution charts to find out which part of the real estate market was moving. Armed with these and many other real estate statistics his business made money while most others went bankrupt during a dramatic real estate decline, when properties fell by nearly 50%.

Large real estate companies quickly took notice. They understood the value of these statistics and asked for more. Less than a year later IMS Incorporated was doing real estate statistics full time when Re/Max Corporate offices awarded us the largest statistical information contract in their history.

Many years later we are proud of our growth and service to the real estate community, and able to offer our famous guarantee.

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– Leon d’Ancona, Founder/President




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* According to Bank of Canada CPI for FEB 1987 and FEB 2016.
   US equivelent inflation calculation on USD$26,000 in 1987 would be $55,652.94 in 2016.
   Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States government