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Did you know that:

52.8% of all offices in the USA do just 4 transactions or less?
More shocking is that 54.7% of all offices do just 1MM or less sales?
Canada's figures are 48.24% and 46.49%.1

While the figures are awful, they present a huge opportunity to the R.E. Broker/recruiter/entrepreneur to recruit whole offices. REality is so intuitive, you are ready to go after 40 minutes!

With REality

you will recruit 4.3 agents every month.


  1. Recruit only the perfect candidates, ideally suited to your office.
  2. Examine from your selected list, 10-15 optimum candidates. REality listens.
  3. Candidates will be amazed with facts and figures they did not know about themselves.
  4. Review all information. Does the candidate cover the area you need?
  5. Use the information to craft the perfect, personal message for each call.
  6. It takes just 45 just minutes a day calling when you use REality.
  7. Trigger 63% call backs. Currently you get between 12-15%.

REality is the quintessential web based software your business needs.
Much better, blazingly faster than any metrics program you may be using.

Reality is a 2018 Visual media. But there is so much more you need to see,
it would take pages!

Let 33 years of constant enhancement work for you and your staff to bring
you to your next income plateau.


1 Based on May 15, 2017 Study of 149,296 randomly selected offices in the USA and 11,759, offices in Canada, for the last 12 month by IMS Incorporated. Does not include New homes, commercial, private, exclusive, pocket listings, rentals, farms, vacant land, co-listings, only shows 1st. partner.