Graphit ProTM vastly boosts income of the broker's staff and agent retention is assured, because when your agents are the most informed a client meets, transactions happen and brokers smile.

To receive a FREE sample of GraphIt Pro, your Broker of Record, or Recruiter contact is required to verify entitlement to the information.

Four reasons that make Graphit Pro a smashing success:

  1. "Laugh and Graph" the fun way staff learns how to create the perfect graphs that dazzle consumers. So much fun, it is viewed on average 3.2 times*. Agents now know exactly what to say. They create the impact needed to get business.

  2. Having been taught best practices, agents are able to create ridiculously simple amazing listing or buying presentations in just a few seconds. Results follow.

  3. Should staff leave, their access to GraphitPro is suspended when you send us an email, so they think twice before leaving.

  4. GraphitPro is a great recruiting tool. Give your recruiting prospects short-term access to this high-tech way to get more transactions done and watch your brokerage grow and grow.

* IMS incorporated statistics May 15 2017.